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So I found this parakeet in a feild while walking my dog and I fed it and named it Olivia. My mom says that I can’t keep it but I told her that I could get 1000 people too agree that I should keep him! We have a proper cage and proper food and everything!
I really want to keep this bird and I want it to stay in a good home!
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Guys this Hannah . Her Instagram is _ lemeeoww_
on the 4th she went missing from the Toronto Warped Tour event . Please if you have seen her anywhere contact the police at (416-808-2200) or her cousin on Instagram . Please signal boost this and help her home .

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とりあえず暇だからジャンル問わずgifを貼ってくスレ - がぞ~速報


とりあえず暇だからジャンル問わずgifを貼ってくスレ - がぞ~速報

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Avatar Aang

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How Kishi gave some  Pairingmoments in Chapter 680

It may seem a little immature, but I guess it’s kinda the truth x)

This is exactly what happened lmao


i can’t believe sasuke became a pokémon trainer


i can’t believe sasuke became a pokémon trainer


resume of manga…


Plot twist: Sakura is actually part of Kaguya